A-Crystal xtal oscillator 32.768 kHz,27.12MHz,26MHz application in ETC market

  • 2019-09-23 17:07:04

A-Crystal xtal oscillator 32.768 kHz,27.12MHz,26MHz application in ETC market

Recent welfare go fast riders came through the toll booths no longer have to stop payment, and this is how it goes? Here is what we want to address the A-Crystal ultra-small crystals embodied in ETC role.

At present, China highway electronic toll collection (ETC) has a national network. More than 21 million ETC card users can navigate a country.

Before each Provincial Expressway is independent, and now ETC national network, dedicated short-range communication between the vehicle by microwave electronic tags mounted on a vehicle windshield with microwave antennas on the toll station ETC lane. The use of computer networking technology and settlement banks for background processing, so as to achieve a vehicle without stopping by the road and bridge toll station but can pay the road toll purpose.

At present, the RF frequency used by domestic ETC is 5.8 GHz. This is a very high frequency. Where does this frequency come from? It oscillates a frequency through the crystal oscillator and then multiplies the IC. Since the frequency is very high, the frequency of the quartz crystal oscillator is required to be accurate and stable. It is used in the card, which requires the crystal volume to be small, and the SMD crystal oscillator has reached the use requirements.

The patch crystal itself is small in size, ultra-thin quartz crystal resonator.

Especially suitable for high-end electronic digital products that are currently developing at a high speed. Because of the market demand for miniaturization of the crystal oscillator itself, the small and thin type is a cost-effective product corresponding to the intermediate field of ceramic resonators (large deviation) and ordinary quartz crystal resonators (small deviation).

The SMD crystal package used in the ETC system has a size of 2.5×2.0mm , 3.2×1.5mm and 3.2×2.5mm. The frequency is 27.12MHz, 32.768KHz, 26.000MHz and so on.

SMD crystal oscillators are widely used in notebook computers, satellite navigation, wireless phones, HDD, SSD, USB, Blu-ray, etc., and meet the high-temperature reflow profile characteristics of lead-free soldering.


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