What are oscillators used for?

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Crystal oscillator is an electronic component that electronic products rely on. It is generally divided into two categories: passive crystal oscillator and active crystal oscillator. Next, we classify the functions and implementation technologies of active crystal oscillators:

Ordinary xtal oscillator

It is a frequency device that is integrated and assembled on a PCB circuit board with a crystal element and an oscillating circuit according to the design requirements, and is packaged with a metal shell. Usually used as a clock device for microprocessors.

Temperature compensated crystal tcxo oscillator-TCXO

The temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) adopts the compensation for the crystal frequency and temperature characteristics inside the crystal oscillator. In order to achieve a crystal oscillator that meets the stability requirements in a wide temperature range. The general analog temperature compensated crystal oscillator uses a thermal compensation network. The frequency accuracy is higher after compensation. Because of its good start-up characteristics, superior character ratio, low power consumption, small size, strong environmental adaptability and many other advantages. Usually used in communication equipment, such as mobile phones, GPS positioning etc.

Differential crystal oscillators

Differential crystal oscillator is currently recognized as a high-tech and demanding crystal oscillator in the industry. Means that the output differential signal uses two signals whose phases are completely opposite to each other, thereby eliminating common mode noise and producing a higher performance system. Differential crystal oscillators are generally six-pin patches, and the output types are divided into several types, LVDS, LV-PECL, with low level, low jitter, and low power consumption characteristics.

Voltage controlled crystal oscillator-VCXO

Voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) is a crystal oscillator that can change the output frequency of the crystal oscillator by adjusting the applied voltage. Mainly used for phase-locked loop or frequency fine-tuning. The frequency control range and linearity of a voltage-controlled crystal oscillator mainly depend on the combination of the varactor diode and crystal parameters used in the circuit, and it is usually used in a phase-locked loop.

Constant temperature crystal oscillator-OCXO

Oven-temperature crystal oscillator is abbreviated as oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO), which uses an oven to keep the temperature of the quartz crystal resonator constant in the crystal oscillator. A crystal oscillator that minimizes the change in the oscillator output frequency caused by the surrounding temperature change. OCXO has the highest frequency accuracy, and its output frequency stability is also the highest compared to the above three types of oscillators. It is usually used in special fields that require extremely high precision, such as military industry and aerospace.

Number-complement crystal-MCXO

Digitally compensated crystal oscillator (MCXO), the crystal oscillator that uses MCU technology for temperature digital compensation is called MCXO. It is mainly to use the MCU to sample the temperature value of the temperature sensor, store the result in the microcontroller, and output the compensation data signal to high-precision D/A conversion, and send it to the compensation circuit to obtain the compensation voltage. The compensation voltage is used to compensate the oscillation frequency to greatly reduce the influence of temperature changes on the stability of the crystal oscillator.

Voltage controlled temperature compensation crystal-VC-TCXO

Voltage-controlled temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (VC-TCXO) is a combination of temperature-compensated crystal oscillator and voltage-controlled crystal oscillator.

Voltage controlled constant temperature crystal oscillator-VC-OCXO

Voltage controlled oven controlled crystal oscillator (VC-OCXO) is a combination of oven controlled crystal oscillator and voltage controlled crystal oscillator.

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