What are the crystals and oscillators used in 5G products?

  • 2019-09-05 15:24:20

The Chinese government has repeatedly confirmed that it will realize 5G commercialization by 2020. Nowadays, various technologies for 5G have rapidly warmed up, and many technical solutions have gradually landed.

Simply summarize 5G for 4 Characteristics: low power consumption, high speed, low latency, and Internet of everything.

  • 1. High speed: Based on 4G, the speed of Internet access can be increased by 100 times to 20Gbps per second. Speed-up is very valuable for the technical and industrial fields. This high speed means that the spectrum utilization rate is greatly improved. On the other hand, it can be used to use some spectrum that was previously considered impossible to have commercial value. Mobile communication, which has greatly enhanced human development capabilities for mobile communication resources.

  • 2. Internet of Everything: In the era of voice as the core, the number of links supported by mobile communications is very limited. Now China's base stations only support about 1.2 billion terminals, that is, each person has one or two terminals, 5G era, everyone It is possible to have 5 or even 10 terminals, and the number of devices connected to each base station will increase by 5 times or even 10 times. A large number of technology products will be connected to the network. This means that in the 5G era, the concept of Internet access will be completely forgotten, networking is the norm, and a large number of technology products will always be connected to the network, providing all kinds of valuable data and becoming the basis of the intelligent Internet.
  • 3. Low latency: For the user's command, 5G is to reduce the reaction time of the base station as much as possible. Many users use the computer to surf the Internet and use the mobile phone to make calls. However, for 5G smart services, the requirements are completely different. Use it to support navigation, a junction, the reaction is slow, the user may have passed the intersection, U-turn, it takes a long time. Especially for the intelligent transportation system, all cars are managed through the central control center. A one-second delay can cause a series of cars to collide. Therefore, low latency is a problem that must be solved by 5G.
  • 4. Low power consumption: The basic idea of a large number of smart wearable products released this year is to connect through a mobile phone, and then communicate with the mobile phone and the base station to send data to the Internet. These products are basically impossible to connect with base stations. Because today's base stations solve mainly voice communication, even data is faster and faster. Natural power consumption is natural. However, in the future, many technology products need to establish new channels to communicate with the base station. These channels do not provide high speed, but can provide low-power data communication at low speeds. The emergence of 5G can solve this problem.

5G is strong, so what impact does this have on the crystal industry? We all know that the current technology is inseparable from the use of electronic components, which has led to the development of many electronic products, including crystal oscillators. Quartz crystal oscillators play a key role in communication equipment and are widely used in a variety of time display and time control products.
Quartz crystal oscillators

The above 5G communication can achieve such amazing progress, and there is no shortage of patch crystals. The A-Crystal 2016mm, 2520mm and 32.768KHz watch crystals with ultra-thin ultra-small patch crystals are most suitable for mobile communication fields such as reference clocks for mobile communication terminals. The patch crystal oscillator has various reference clock source frequencies for mobile communication. The patch crystal oscillator has excellent electrical characteristics, and the environmental resistance performance is suitable for the mobile communication field, meeting the high temperature reflow temperature curve requirement of lead-free soldering.


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