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  • What are oscillators used for?
    • December 02, 2020

    Crystal oscillator is an electronic component that electronic products rely on. It is generally divided into two categories: passive crystal oscillator and active crystal oscillator. Next, we classify the functions and implementation technologies of active crystal oscillators: Ordinary xtal oscillator It is a frequency device that is integrated and assembled on a PCB circuit board with a crystal e...

  • What is TCXO
    • September 27, 2020

    What is TCXO TCXO(Temperature Compensate X'tal (crystal) Oscillator) TCXO is a type that reduces the amount of oscillation frequency change caused by ambient temperature changes through an additional temperature compensation circuit, and has the characteristics of high accuracy. In TCXO, there are two main methods for compensating the frequency and temperature drift of the quartz crystal oscillato...

  • Why 32.768Khz crystal?
    • September 27, 2020

    Why 32.768Khz crystal? Do you know why 32.768KHz is used for clock function? And this tuning fork oscillator frequency is used in a wide range of applications involving real time clock functions. Right! Because THIS frequency can be a perfect policeman to control the time and management of electronic circuits. Because this 32.768KHz gives exactly 215 cycles per second, which is perfect f...

  • High tech analysis on 2pads crystals with size 8045/6035/5032
    • December 09, 2019

    A-crystals main produce the crystal resonators which is quartz electronic components. As we know the quartz crystal is a collective term for active crystal oscillators-smd crystal oscillator and passive quartz crystals. However,quartz crystal includes through-hole quartz crystals and SMD quartz crystals. Now specifically speaking, passive quartz crystals, which are commonly referred to as quartz c...

  • How to choose a crystal oscillator and Buying Guide
    • November 13, 2019

    Crystal oscillators come in a variety of packages and feature a wide range of electrical performance specifications. There are several different types: voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO), temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO), oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO), and digitally compensated crystal oscillator (MCXO or DTCXO), each type Have their own unique features....

  • A-Crystal xtal oscillator 32.768 kHz,27.12MHz,26MHz application in ETC market
    • September 23, 2019

    A-Crystal xtal oscillator 32.768 kHz,27.12MHz,26MHz application in ETC market Recent welfare go fast riders came through the toll booths no longer have to stop payment, and this is how it goes? Here is what we want to address the A-Crystal ultra-small crystals embodied in ETC role. At present, China highway electronic toll collection (ETC) has a national network. More than 21 million ETC card user...

  • What are the crystals and oscillators used in 5G products?
    • September 05, 2019

    The Chinese government has repeatedly confirmed that it will realize 5G commercialization by 2020. Nowadays, various technologies for 5G have rapidly warmed up, and many technical solutions have gradually landed. Simply summarize 5G for 4 Characteristics: low power consumption, high speed, low latency, and Internet of everything. 1. High speed: Based on 4G, the speed of Internet access can be incr...

  • 32.768KHz Tuning fork crystal oscillator
    • August 06, 2019

    32.768KHz Tuning fork crystal oscillator A-Crystal SMD 32.768KHz Tuning fork electrode diagram Frequency calculation of tuning fork resonator It shows that the frequency and resonant resistance of tuning fork crystal resonator will be very different in vacuum state and atmospheric state. (1) . In vacuum state, the frequency will increase about 7-15hz (the increase depends on the size of tuning for...

  • A-Crystal watch crystal application on smart meters
    • April 30, 2019

    The requirements of the remote meter reading system for A-Crystal tuning fork quartz crystals: Common meters include electricity meters, water meters, gas meters and heat meters. According to the loaded module classification, the smart meter can be further divided into an IC card smart meter, a photoelectric direct reading smart meter, and a wireless remote smart meter. The wireless 2.4G remote me...

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